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My Career Point has set up an online based assessment portal for students to recollect and test their concepts as and when they feel that they are ready to take up tests. Some features of the test are as below:

How are the tests designed?

The tests are objective based. Each objective has a set of allocated questions. The chapter has been logically split into objectives and then the questions are assigned. For example the Chapter Accounting Process which has 210 questions is split into 14 objective based workout and has the below structure :

1 AP-1-Importance of golden rules 15
2 AP-2-Understand the importance of Double entry book keeping system 15
3 AP-3-Basics in Debit and credit terms 10
4 AP-4-Learn the logic for accounting equation 10
5 AP-5-Understand the grouping of various accounts 10
6 AP-6-Identify the first step in accounting process 10
7 AP-7-Identify the Second step in accounting process 10
8 AP-8-Identify the third step in accounting process 10
9 AP-9-Know the need of Subsidiary books 30
10 AP-10-Understand the features of cash book 15
11 AP-11-Appreciate the difference between capital and revenue 30
12 AP-12-Meaning of contigent assets and contingent liabilities 15
13 AP-13-Understand different types of errors 10
14 AP-14-Understand the technique for rectification of errors 20
How does it differ from testing the chapter fully?

Say a student writes a chapter test covering all aspects, it becomes difficult to pinpoint exactly as to which concept within the chapter he is strong and those that require attention for improving.
When the chapter is split, assessments become more meaningful guiding him for a much better preparation.
Also, the student need not wait till he completes the entire chapter and then wait for an assessment. He can measure his progress as he travels.

What are the questions available?

There are more than 4700 questions available and we will be loading more as we progress. The below is the split up for Foundation subjects.

Subjects Objectives Questions
Business Economics 39 823
Business Communication 19 295
Mathematics 41 615
Accountancy 65 932
Business Commercial Knowledge 35 615
Logical Reasoning 7 203
Statistics 30 614
Law 50 607
Total 286 4704
How can I access the tests?

The tests can be taken online from the given URL for which you need a login id and password.

You can request for a demo login too. There are 3 workouts in the demo login and you can have a feel of the testing process from them. You, may request for a demo login and password by sending a request mail to or call at +91-6382036621.

Do I get my scores immediately?

Yes, it is a live answer portal and the score is given immediately. There is a review option also and you may go through your performance at any point of time later.

How much is the cost of the license ?

The cost of the license is Rs.3540 inclusive of GST.You may use the link to place your order and pay.

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