What is MMA all about?

A 5 day training session by a Chartered Accountant
Aims at teaching from basics of Accounting
Both conceptual and Practical teaching

What is the teaching methodology?

It is completely activity oriented and a fun way learning , which drills down basic concepts

Who can benefit from this course ?

School students starting from XI std to XII std
Budding entrepreneurs to understand basics of finance

What is the duration of the course ?

The course is duration is 15 hours which is spread across for 5 days with 3 hours a day

What is the program structure ?

Day 1
Initial Assessment by activity
Basic knowledge of Business and Industry
Transaction and Event Analysis

Day 2
The Seven Steps of Journalising
Ledger Preparation
Chart of Accounts Analysis

Day 3
Accounting Concepts / Principles and Policies
Preparation and Analysis of Trial Balance
Rectification of Errors

Day 4
Preparation of Final Accounts
Mind games and Activities

Day 5
Smart tips for Financial statements analysis
Final Assessment and Test

What is the fees structure?

Rs.7,500 inclusive of service tax. . Group discounts can be availed

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