Chartered Accountany... Dare to Dream..!

Does the acronym CA ring a bell within you ? Before we plunge into the current scenario of CA’s there are some vital facts which makes the course really really unique…
One of the vital aspects being the number of Chartered Accountants available in India.. As per the statistics published by ICAI as on 1st April 2018 the count is only 2,82,193 for a population of 133 crores in India. This on a percentage basis is very minute. On a high level analysis the question that immediately comes to mind...

Is the course so tough that people are unable to crack ?
  • When the answer is “YES” which comes from those who have not cleared and were not successful Chartered Accountants , the factors “THEY”putforth are:
    1. They were not well prepared
    2. They never took steps to learn from their mistakes
    3. They never came back out of their grievance
    4. They lacked concepts
    5. They were neither focused nor consistent in efforts
    6. They started to consider CA a nightmare !
  • When the answer is “NO” which comes from those who have cleared and are successful Chartered Accountants , the factors “THEY”putforth are by and large from the below
    1. They worked with lot of focus
    2. They did it consistently
    3. They understood the concepts
    4. They analyzed their strengths and weakness
    5. They were not afraid of failure
    6. They came back with courage even they failed and most importantly..
    7. They dared to dream…

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